About Us

A wedding is the most cherished memory in a person’s life. But as the years pass on, we can only remember a handful of details from that time. That’s where the work of a photographer comes in. As the official eyes and ears, we make sure that nothing escapes the click of our cameras and the sweep of our video recorders. To capture memories that will stay forever is the ultimate aim of NEYTRA.

We don’t believe in working for someone as a pure business venture. Being given the responsibility to attend and capture the best day of your life is in itself an honor for us.

In a wedding, it’s not possible for everyone to experience everything at once. The ones getting married will miss out on the chitter-chatter and goings-on around the house and the guests can't always manage to be present for each and every ceremony. So what do we do? We bring all these different aspects of the celebration together, for everyone to see.

Capturing each and every expression and emotion of the happiest day of someone's life is our goal. Every couple has their own chemistry and we take it as a challenge to capture their real personalities. We like to make them camera friendly, by getting to know them first. This helps to break the ice and have fun while shooting them.